Sunday, March 20, 2016

Cristiano Ronaldo Golazo

Hi guys, check out this fantastic goal scored by Cirstiano Ronaldo. You can’t miss this awesome video. Feel free to leav a comment and to share this post with your friends. Enjoy it guys.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo assist goals some statistics about Cristiano Ronaldo over the years better and better for Ronaldo

One of Ronaldo’s craziest moments ever

Comentator:Its 40 yards or more,too far out for Ronaldo to think about it" After five seconds :OHHHHHH Absolutely.....sensational

Sunday, December 6, 2015

3 things that make you achieve your goals in life and business

As a result of my experience I can tell you that are a lot of things that should be managed in life to help you achieve your goals.Nobody is perfect, everyone in his own life has his own experiences.What I would like to tell is that everyone in his own life make mistakes but this mistakes help you be more strong.

I would tell you the things that I think should be managed and take care of them in life and business.

First of all we should be patient.

Why I say first patient because without patient you will never achieve your goals in life, so be careful with your patient the best thing and the key of everything. You have to go after your dreams but with patient and with knowledge because if you push to hard it can break your dreams.

After patient we should read as much as we can.

Reading seems to be the best part to make you achieve your goals in life, it may sound to you a bit crazy why I am saying that reading can help you achieve your goals. But just stop for a minute and think can one person experience all the things in life and the answer is for sure a big NO. So when you read book you can read experiences of other people, their knowledge, their imagination. You can be so close to your dreams and goals and you can not know it, so if you read book you can see how other people fall down and get up again to go after their dreams, how they risked in their life and how they achieved their goals/

Read a lot but also experience them.

If you read a lot and you stay in your home I think it is not a good thing. As a result of my experience I can tell you that reading without experience it is kind of bullshit. Go out with your friends, drink, have fun. Risk in your life as much as you can because it can be a good experience who knows?.
Can you tell me did Mark Zuckerberg think that he will achieve this in his life? and I can tell you the answer is NO. So why me , you and all the others that have a dream in their life not to go after them.

So I would like to tell you GO GO GO after your dreams do not give up , do not care what others think because people talk after the people that are more intelligent.

There is nothing IMPOSSIBLE in life

Wish everybody achieves their goals.

Risk a lot with your brain in your head and be patient.



First Photo of Turkey's northern Iraq camp

Turkey, 8 thousand troops and 140 armored vehicles deployed in the north of Mosul Başika. Headquarters for the first time been viewed 30 thousand soldiers.

2 years of Mosul "in Iraq, the Kurdish Regional Government soldiers and trains volunteers attached to 6 thousand Turkish troops the day before the union of Mosul 's 30 km north went Başika. 140 armored vehicles from the world's news that he was taken while carrying shipments reached 2 thousand soldiers more of yesterday.

Troops to the region, has created a huge Başika operations center. Masjid baths, built to the repair stage of the headquarters command center was established to accommodate 30 thousand military. District 25 tanks, 13 military 37 cars, 18 small armored vehicles, 14 large armored vehicles and several ambulances, water tankers, trucks and construction machinery has been sent. Business machines based on images obtained from the regional news agency Rudaw and trucks, worked all day long for the expansion of the headquarters. Başika to built the knowledge that the creation of a huge camp outside the headquarters Zelikan was obtained.

Northern Iraq 'sent eight thousand troops from Bordeaux Berets unity of Arbil, Zakho,Dohuk, Batuf to, Sulaymaniyah was noted and could be found in liaison team. The number of Turkish troops in the region learned that rises to 30 thousand in the near term.
US Department of Defense, northern Iraq 'to remove the structures on the "we do not have the information," he said. Yesterday, one of the coalition forces commander, "Army Cons our knowledge Mosul, 'he went. Soldiers Mosul area will be served in the rescue operation," he said.


I am going to say Hello in this beautiful morning with a beautiful song by Adele. Wish you enjoy it.

Adele-When we were young

Great song
Great voice
Amazing person
She did it again.
Song with alot of meaning.
Listen and Enjoy this perfect voice.